Gao Rui Lin

Fourteen years ago, a little girl in jeans and a red sweater boarded a flight from Chengdu to the United States. She left behind all that was familiar to her – her family, her friends, her preschool... Today, the girl has returned to China, and it feels as if she has finally come home. This girl is me. My name is Rui Lin Gao.

It feels like it has been a very long time since I have come back to China, so things are a bit strange, yet still familiar. When I saw the glorious and mighty Terracotta Warriors, I felt so proud of the miracles created by the Chinese people. I thought to myself, perhaps my ancestors has toiled on these structures and contributed to this piece of history. Today, what can we do to contribute to China's development and growth?

Participating in the China Synergy Program for Outstanding Youth has allowed me to experience China's modernization. In 2008, the Olympics will be held in Beijing. In 2010, the World Expo will take place in Shanghai. China is quickly moving towards a modern China.

Since China is still a developing country, there still some areas that need improvement. In our small group discussions, we brought up areas where we felt China could improve, such as environmental protection, rural education, closing the income gap, etc. What a great opportunity it is for all of us to come together. I hope, through our seventeen days together, we have heard from each other and can use what we have learned to create a stronger China for future generations.

Lastly, I wanted to express my gratitude to CSP8. Thank you to the generous supporters of the program. Thank you to the organizing committee, mentors, and coordinators for their hard work. Finally, thank you to the delegates, for making these past seventeen days so meaningful and rewarding. I will always remember our time together.

Thank you!

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十四年以前,有個穿著牛仔褲和紅毛衣的小女孩,從成都登上了一架飛往美國的飛機。她留下了熟悉的一切 —— 家人、朋友、幼兒園……



我好像很久都沒有回到中國了,所以有點生疏,但還是很親密。很快,說普通話、吃中餐、跟中國朋友打交道,都感到非常自然。更重要的是,我實實在在地感受到 自己和中國歷史的連接。當我看著兵馬俑這辉煌而偉大的古跡的時候,我為中國人所做出的奇跡而驕傲。我想,或許我的老祖宗也曾在這兒做工,參與了創造歷史的 過程。我們兩千多年前的老祖宗可以造出長城、兵馬俑這樣的歷史奇跡,今天的我們,可以為中國的發展做出什麼貢獻呢?

參加了海外傑青匯中華交流團讓我看到了中國的發展:二零零八年,奧運會將會在北京舉行; 二零一零年,世界博覽會將來到上海。人民的生活水平有了極大的提高。盡管還有不盡人意的地方,但我們可以看到中國正朝著現代化快速發展。

中國還是一個發展中國家,有許多方面仍然不很完善。在傑青的小組討論裡,我們提出了一些――在我們看來――中國可以改進的地方,包括環境保護、縮小貧富差 距、提高教育水平等等。我們可以聚在一起,是多麼難得的機會啊!我希望,通過這十七天的交流,我們可以互相學習,希望將來可以用學到的知識,為中國的現代 化添磚加瓦。


最后,我想感謝支持CSP的各位来賓。我想感谢CSP组委會,導師,和協調員。因為你們的奉獻和努力,讓我們每一位代表度過了多麼難忘的17天, 還學到了不少知識。我還要感謝CSP的每一個代表。你們的友誼,真誠的交流會讓我永遠記住我們在一起的日子。



Sun Xu Yang

My name is Xuyang Sun. I come from Singapore and am currently a second-year Ph.D. student in Cancer Biology in Stanford University, USA. Born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, I attended elementary school in China, high school in Singapore and college and graduate school in the United States. While it has greatly enriched my life, the mix of three different cultures equally haunted me with a perplexing question where do I belong?

I like to have milk and bread for breakfast and sandwich for lunch and yet I must return to Chinese cuisine at dinner. I can write advanced biology paper in English and yet I cannot express in English many literary moods only home to my motherland. Living the clash between Chinese and Western cultures, I asked myself again and again: where do I belong?

During CSP8 I returned to my hometown, heard our familiar accent, savored the long-awaited gourmet, visited Tsinghua and Peking University that I once yearned for and appreciated the scenery of the Great Wall that embodies a rich five-thousand-year history of Chinese civilization. My heart beats and my blood boils to the excitement of witnessing a thriving, modern China.

However, peasants still suffer from meager living standards in rural areas. Equally distressing is the environmental pollution that continues to escalate in major cities. In face of these mishaps, my heart struggles in anguish.

I think now I have an answer to the puzzle: nationality does dictate where I belong; I should live up to the grace of the Dragon. I take immense proud in being a Chinese, fervently love the Chinese culture and am deeply concerned about our country's future development.

As a graduate student of biology, I keenly follow the scientific innovations in today's China. Over the past few years, Chinese scientists accomplished an increasing number of publications in top science journals such as Cell, Nature and Science. I was fortunate to meet many Chinese professors in the US as well as in Singapore. As the scientific research system continues to mature in China, I believe more and more oversea Chinese scientists are eager to return to their homeland to bring China's scientific advances to a new horizon. In the mean time, I hope to complete my training soon and return to my motherland, where I can make my humble contribution to China's development in life science.

Thank you.

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這次「海外傑青匯中華」尋根之旅讓我重回故里,聽到熟悉的鄉音,吃到久違的美食,踏進兒時憧憬的清華、北大,領略承載五千年文明的兵馬俑與長城。看到祖國 的欣欣向榮,我的心跟着熱血沸騰。但是,在農村,我們也看到了農民的生活水平仍然十分低下,大城市的環境污染日益嚴重,我的心久久不能平靜。




Lam Ching Fu

Hello everyone. My name is Lam Ching Fu from Hiroshima University of Japan. It's been a great honor for me to share my experience and feelings as a part of CSP8 delegates with you today. We, a group of overseas youths who come to China for cultural exchange program have splendidly spent our ten compacted days. Everyday was a fun-filled and wonderful day for us. Through these, I have gained three valuable presents.

My very first present received is Friendship. The journey has provided me a great opportunity to form a long lasting bond with people from different cultural background and country. These friendships have been cemented over our shared experiences and cultures during these 10 days.

Before I came here, I was not very familiar with China's culture, society and economic development. However, as a Chinese descendent, I would like to uncover as well as discover China and its culture where my ancestors had lived before. Bringing this hope and feelings, I came here to find my roots. In China there is one famous adage: "Experience is the best Teacher" (讀萬卷書不如行萬里路). Now, stepping my foot on the ground who has breed my roots, I am able to feel the broad and profound of Her history and culture. Seeing Her great growth and success, it has given me my second present.

The third and also my largest present: Nowadays, as we have entered into the world of globalization, and receiving the challenges of the diverse culture and background from other countries, it is very important that we need to learn and accept the cultural differences in order to hold up our competitiveness in the business world. At the same time, I feel that we have to understand our culture in-depth, where we would not be submerged by the global development and lose our roots. This journey has given me the biggest comprehension.

In conclusion, I would like to send my deepest thanks to the support of the sponsors, donors and the organizing committee of CSP8, to have granted me three valuable presents to bring home. I believe that everyone will be sharing these presents with your loved ones, and they will be our most treasured assets, which would accompany us on our path of life. I am hereby hoping that our friendship among the delegates will last forever. And last but not least, my heartfelt wish that tomorrow will be a better day and all the best to China.

Thank you.

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在我來到這裡之前,我對中國的歷史文化、經濟和社會發展都不是很了解。但身為炎黃子孫,我想回到我祖輩生活過的國度去探索它的樣子。我抱持著這樣的心情和 目的,到這裡來尋根。現在,我能夠親身踏上這一片養育我根源的土地,感受其博大精深的歷史文化,目睹它的高度發展和成就,這就是我的第二份禮物。

第三份禮物,也是我得到最大的一份禮物:我們現在已踏入了一個國際化與全球化的時代,接受來自世界各國不同文化背景的挑戰,學習並包容不同的文化,才能保 有競爭力,這是很重要的。但在同時,我覺得我們也更應該對自己的文化有深入的認識與了解,這才不致於被時代的潮流淹沒,而迷失自己的根。這是我這一次得到 的最大的領悟。





Su, Sarah

Distinguished guests; Ladies and Gentlemen; Fellow students:

Good afternoon!

My name is Sarah Su, and I am a second year law student from Cambridge University, Trinity College. Today, it is my absolute honour to have been given the opportunity of sharing some of my thoughts and reflections regarding this CSP8 trip.

When I was two years old, I went to the United Kingdom with my parents. Despite having left my motherland at such a tender age, my parents always taught me that I should never forget my Chinese heritage, my Chinese language, and the history and culture of my birthplace. As a result of my upbringing, I have always persevered in my studies. At home, I would speak to my parents in Chinese; every Sunday, I would go to Chinese school. As such, I grew up surrounded by Chinese literature: the mellifluous poems of the Tang dynasty, and the wonderful prose of the Song, each day living by the traditional fables of old. I believe that it is due to this upbringing, that despite having left China at such a young age, my motherland, and my cultural inheritance have always been strongly a part of my true sense of identity.

In order for me to gain a greater understanding of my motherland, when I was six, my parents sent me back to China, to study Chinese for a year, and in such a way, build a solid foundation of Chinese learning.

In my future life and study, I believe that Chinese, and the traditional Chinese teachings of my parents, have been of great influence and benefit to me. It has motivated me to study hard, and to try my utmost to achieve the best results.

When I was sixteen, after several months of gruelling and intense elections and campaigns, I was elected as the only Member of Youth Parliament of Chinese origin.

This was a tremendous honour, but also, a great responsibility. I was given a political platform upon which, as a representative, it was my imperative to make the voices of the young people of the United Kingdom heard.

For this experience, I will always feel very proud. Being a Chinese person, this honour gives me an even profounder sense of achievement.

In my past two years of study in Cambridge, I believe that the use and understanding of the Chinese language have given me the ability to assess each legal problem from a different perspective. As a law student, this ability is especially important. When facing a particularly difficult case, the clear logical mindset that seems prevalent in the Chinese way of thinking has assisted me greatly.

At this point, I would like to express my indeterminable gratitude to the organisers of CSP8, who have given me such an invaluable opportunity to greater-understand my motherland.

In Hong Kong, we witnessed the 10th year anniversary of its return to our homeland. Seeing its ever-flourishing economy and society, and the success of the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ regime, I leave feeling absolute admiration for the long-sighted policy-making of Chairman Deng, and indeed, the capacity of our country to embrace the distinctions that altogether, make us one.

In Guangzhou, we toured the frontier city of the open reform, and truly came to see an example of the phenomenal development that has taken place in China and the vast potential of our country.

In Xian, we visited the Terracotta Army. Those silent warriors, despite having slept underground, unnoticed for thousands of years, still emitted the sense of power and prestige inherent in the rule of the Qin Dynasty.

I truly feel that I have gained a greater insight into China, my homeland. And it is with true pride in my heart, that I can call myself a Chinese person.

Away from my home country, I constantly follow the developments of China, forever feeling a pulse that beats as one with the place in which I was born. It is my true wish that I will have even more opportunities in the future, to come back to this country that will forever be my home.

Thank you very much!

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在我兩歲的時候,我就隨父母去了英國。雖然我很小就離開了祖國,但我的父母從小就教導我:一定不能忘記自己是中國人,不能忘記自己的母語,不能忘記自己國 家的歷史和文化。因此,我從小就一直堅持學習中文:在家裏,跟父母說中文,每個星期天去中文學校上課,在唐詩宋詞,四大名著的薰陶中長大。所以,儘管我從 小生活在英國,但我覺得自己並沒有真正的離開祖國。














Liu Shasha

My name is Shasha Liu, currently a medical student studying at the University of Hong Kong.

There are endless stories to be told from the past 17 day journey in search of our roots. However today, what I wanted to share with you the most is something that's more personal, something close to my heart. That is, those little things and precious memories that I shared with my fellow group mates along this journey.

Throughout this trip, I belonged to group 3, a truly multi-national, multi-versatile group consisting of delegates from all corners of the world. I have never met such a heterogeneous group of individuals, with contrastingly different backgrounds, experiences and personalities. However, it was these very unique differences that paved the way for a trip filled with endless, interesting conversations and cultural exchanges. Each day, I could witness each and everyone of my groupmates trying hard to understand and appreciate different cultures, making special efforts to learn more about the Chinese culture in order to better understand our own historical heritage. What impressed me the most was their enthusiasm and passion that shone through as they try to speak Mandarin. They seized every given opportunity to practice Mandarin, from taking notes with the help of huge Chinese-English dictionaries, to practicing with girl shop assistants by paying them compliments, to using"1,2,3 shuo qiezi" (say "cheese") while taking photos. The laughters, the cute accents and the wonderfully-odd but well-utilized pick-up lines would all flash before me as I write this speech, as if they had happened just yesterday.

Another aspect that really touched my heartstrings was how my groupmates looked after one another, exemplifying the very words of our CSP song, "Care for each other, think of each other". When I fell sick during early part of this trip, my night-table was crowded with Western and Chinese medicine given by my groupmates. At the same time, I was showered with caring words and medical advice day in day out. All of which combined to make me feel as if I was right at home, living under the doting care and warmth that I previously thought could only be found among family members. I simply felt overwhelmed.

On the other hand, through the many conversations I had with my groupmates, I truly felt that the new generations of Chinese people are changing, becoming more insightful, more open-minded towards changes and more adaptive, skilfully mingling the best of Eastern and Western values.

Words simply cannot convey all the amazements and emotions that this short journey has brought me. Today, as this journey draws to an end, we face imminent separation. However, I believe that as this chapter closes, a brand new page awaits us to write in together. Despite being geographically separated, we will be able to strengthen and build upon the wonderful friendships that we have created during CSP8. I know this for sure, because deep down we are already all linked at heart.

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十七天的尋根之旅孕育了許 多耐人尋味的故事, 而我最想要與大家分享的, 是我和我的組友之間所發生的點點滴滴。在我的經歷中, 從來沒有遇見過這麼多元化的一個團體. 不同文化之間的交融編織了這一路旅程的溫馨片段。每一天, 我都可以看到我的組友們努力地去領略不同的文化, 特別是了解與學習中國的文化去追溯自己的曆始根源,值得提一提的是大家在學習普通話的沖勁與熱情。

就如我們的團歌中所說: “Care for each other, think of each other”, 我們組員們在文化交流與語言學習外, 更多的是彼此之間的關懷與幫助. 在旅途中, 我生病了, 但卻因此而感受到了家庭般的溫暖。另一方面, 在與組友們的交談中, 我真正體會到了新一代的華人正在改變, 視野更加開闊, 胸襟愈為寬廣, 思想日趨開放, 巧妙地融合了中西文化的精華。我相信, 分離不是結束, 而是我們一種新的開始, 因為共同的根已經把我們連結在一起了!



Chan Yee Ka, Alison

It's been seven years, this time I returned to CSP as a coordinator. To be honest, it felt quite strange to start of with. Being a delegate and a coordinator are two completely different stories, nevertheless I enjoyed the programme immensely both times.

Since my last CSP, life has changed quite a lot, graduation, further studies, and then enter the "real world". I am sure my story is not unique, being a bit older, not necessarily wiser; I would like to share with you my little reflection after CSP8. Being a CSP Alumni, we regularly receive emails from the CSP office, at first I read eagerly to find out, as time goes by, passion starts to fade. Especially once you start working; life, friends, priorities all change, some people loses track of time and perhaps even dreams that they once have had; some parts are inevitable, and it is all part of the experience.

During the programme, there were three questions that I was being asked most, which made me think and reflected over and over again.

  1. How and why did you decide to become a coordinator for CSP8?
  2. How is this year different from the previous ones?
  3. So you know Paul from before, since you are from the same year?

I was not a Hong Kong Delegate during my time, so I did not keep very good contacts with the CSP Office, I am not an active member of CSPA, and did not take part in any previous reunion activities, so I can only say, good timing and fate bought me back! I am not a planner, and I believe life is full of surprises; you step into all kind of different opportunities when you keep an open mind. Coming back to CSP is definitely one great event that I stepped into by chance.

Frankly, I don't remember my previous CSP that well, after all, seven years is not a short time; I remember the places and the programme in general, but details are quite vague. However, when I visited the same places again, some have changed, some are still the same, it was like loading an old hard disc, CSP song was like the password for recovering data, every time it was sung, faces and odd bits and pieces of memories and special moments started to come back. What makes each CSP year unique are the people, different group of people create different chemistry. Some CSP-ers are active ingredients, some are neutralizers, some are catalysts; everyone is different, yet an indispensible reactant, a few good stirs of parties, we have the perfect year of CSP; and luckily so far there are no dangerous explosions in my experience.

Do you know that delegate sitting on the fifth seat at the eighteenth table? That's my answer regarding my friendship with Paul during my pre-CSP8 years. Each year we have over 200 delegates and local students involved in the programme, it is hard enough to get to know the whole group well, let alone the whole delegation. Still, on the first day of CSP8, when I met Paul, he looked very familiar, so after brief introduction, we re-united and become friends straight away, as if we have known each other for ages, which is partially true. There are no suspicion, no awkwardness as most new friendship have. It is CSP, who placed this bond between all of us; no boundaries between current and past delegates, everyone who took part in this programme in whatever roles; trust is already there. Something that gets more difficult to find and build as time goes.

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傑青之友會定期收到傑青辦公室電郵,初期總是抱著熱忱心情來讀這些郵件,看看誰在延續傑青步伐,留下青春汗水。隨時間流逝,熱情亦開始冷卻,尤其投身社會 後,生活方式、朋友、人生目標開始轉變。有些人會失去了時空感,有些人會失落從前的夢,部分經歷信是必然,成為年輪印記。


  1. 為什麼成為「傑青」協調員,怎樣才能做到?
  2. 今年和以往有什麼不同?
  3. 你和Paul都是第二屆團員,那你們以前已認識?

其實當年我並非以香港學生代表身分參加,所以並未有和傑青辦公室保持聯繫;再者我也非傑青之友的活躍分子,未曾參加過任何聚會。只能說是因緣際遇讓我重回 傑青團隊!我從來不是一個有計劃的人,人的一生是一系列未知數,只要張開心窗勇步向前,便能踏上屬於自己的路。重回傑青也是人生中多個巧合,命運系數算來 的結果。

畢竟七年不是一段短時間,上次傑青的殘餘記憶只剩參觀景點和大概行程內容,而細節已變含糊。重遊舊地像是載入一張舊硬盤,以傑青團歌為啟動密碼,團歌響起 便喚醒了封印的記憶,一張張舊友面容,一段段珍貴時刻,也開始慢慢浮現。令傑青團獨一無二的,正是一班傑青。不同傑青混合產生各式各樣的化學作用。有些團 員是活性分子;有些是中和劑;有些是催化劑;個個不同,卻個個是不可或缺的分子。睡眠不足加上體力透支,大家嘻嘻哈哈,又是一年完美、奇妙的傑青團。

你認識第八枱第五個位的那個團員嗎?這正是我和Paul在傑青八前的關係。從第二屆傑青開始,每年有超過200個團員和本地學生參加。要認真了解每一個組 員已不是件易事,更不用說要認識所有團員。儘管如此,第八屆「傑青」第一天看到Paul的那一刻,便覺他十分面熟,相認後不用數句話,便如相識多年的好友 般,完全沒有初建友誼的猜疑和難為情。這正是傑青的魔力:新舊傑青,毫無分界,把參與傑青的所有人連繫起來。這一份信任,建立不易,尤其我們日漸年長,更 是困難。

再次回來傑青團隊,為我帶來了很多回憶,也建立了不少新舊友誼。很多人會說,這只是個開始,傑青不單是凝聚大家十七天,而很可能是一生的友誼。希望大家能 夠珍惜這次旅程的一切,無論是晨早叫起,項目宣佈,以及整個旅程的背後意義,好讓在未來的歲月,能自豪地回看今天我們一起共渡的傑青時光。


Man Ka Fai

Good morning Dr Lam, Mr Chan, Ms Leung, Prof. Li, Prof. Poon, Mrs Ho, Mrs Lee, Fellow delegates, Ladies and Gentleman.

Let me introduce myself: As Jeremiah quite correctly announced, my name is Garfield Man. However, Garfield is a name that I have adopted only for use in the trip. My real name is Ka-Fai Man, which sounds like Gar Fei Mowl, hence the name Garfield! I am born and bred in the UK and have recently graduated from the University of Oxford in Chemistry; there goes the days of my student life! I guess I am termed as a BBC, which stands for British Born Chinese. I'm also known as a banana! Why? Well, I'm white on the inside and yellow on the outside! Well, enough about me. Don't want to bore you guys to the extent of sleepiness!

Now, I wish to say that it is a great honour to represent Europe to discuss my feelings and experience about the 3rd China Synergy Programme for Outstanding Youths. I suppose the first question is why I am on this trip. What am I hoping to accomplish? Well, predominantly three things: One, to seek for my identity. I want to know where I belong. Born in Britain, but with Chinese parents and a Chinese upbringing. Two, I wish to uncover as well to discover China and its culture. I wish to see for my own eyes the development and status of the country; because, beforehand all my images of China derived from hearing what other people have said and from reading various sources of literature. Finally, I want to make new friends and to hopefully develop friendship bonds with you all. To exchange ideas and views, and to learn about one another's culture from around the world. In sum, I wanted to participate in this trip as open book having a new chapter written within.

I would like to share with you my experiences in Shanghai, the most modern of all cities in China. I city of such splendour and beauty that it literally opens your eyes. Here, I had visited a number of different types of places, which are now of sentimental remembrance to me. The first were Museums and Cultural Places, such as the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition and the Shanghai Museum. Here, I learnt about the development of modern Shanghai from its past to the present. I marvelled at the rapid changes to the city in such a short space of time. I was also able to experience a feel of the past by visiting a number of picture and artefact galleries. One of the things I learnt were the different styles Chinese artists had with their drawings. One artist always drew three trees with mountainous scenery, so one can always recognise that the drawing belonged to him. The second places of visit were the Universities in Shanghai, namely Fudan, Tongji and Shanghai Jiaotong. In these institutions, I managed to meet with and to make a number of great friends, who I was able to share my opinions with and obtain a greater understanding of their way of life in China. I was also fortunate enough to witness a number of truly amazing spectacles and performances at the universities. It made me realise the huge talent that is out there. I was completely mesmerised with their ability and vast array of skills ranging from dancing to acrobatics! Oh, and how I could I forget the memorable debating competition, where although there three heated and competitive discussions ranging from the freedom to smoke at universities to whether modernisation implies westernisation, all were conducted in a friendly and non-hostile environment. I was able to see how wonderfully versed a number of my colleagues were, and what true sportsmanship was displayed. Finally, I was able to pass upon many Leisure & Entertainment regions. Namely, the Boat Tour at Huangpo Jiang, where I was able to witness the extraordinary night-life scenery depicting a number of glamorous architectural buildings, which made me realise and appreciate how modern Shanghai has become. Further, I also made visits to a number of shopping outlets like Nan Qing Road and Chenghuang Miao, where I managed to eat myself silly with a delicious assortment of comestibles, including Sil Loon Biaos, which on the contrary to what Mrs Lee had said about losing 3Ibs, I must have gained 3Ibs! Finally, the unforgettable farewell party at Yuan Bo Hotel, where Ivan and Zara were fantastic MCs doubling up as wonderful comedy duos! Again, I was able to see a wonderful array of talent, including club dancing from Mi Duo Yi and breakdancing from Steve. Oh and how can I not forget my own truly amazing performance, i.e.: my poetry! That night also displayed true friendship amongst the delegates, where a mini birthday celebration was held on behalf of Derrick. Oh what a wonderful occasion!

In conclusion, I would like to say it was a privilege to participate in the programme, which provided an excellent and informative insight into China and its culture; firmly meeting its objectives. My deepest thanks to the support of the sponsors and donors, and for the people organising the programme, which to accommodate over 200 people, especially students, is not an easy task! Well, it's hard to believe it's the end after 2 fantastic weeks. Hopefully, we can reunite one day be it in China or anywhere around the world! Thank-you.

Teh Yung Ying, Benjamin

"If you do not walk on the Great Wall, you're not a great man".

To me, this well-known Chinese saying is able to effectively summarise my experiences on the 3rd China Synergy Programme, of which I was a delegate. Not only is this saying able to remind me of the satisfaction gained from climbing such a magnificent structure, but it is also able to allude to the greater fulfilment that I experienced in being able to visit my Motherland for the first time.

Overall, I believe that the 3rd CSP gave delegates like myself an opportunity to experience China in a unique manner that will never be repeated on any other journey. Over the 14 day journey, we were able to visit wonderful historic sites, ranging from the Great Wall to the Forbidden Palace, from the Luguo Bridge to Tiananmen Square. We were also able to observe the social and economic development of China through visits to businesses and universities. Through these experiences, I was able to realise how diverse and ancient my heritage is, and how China is rapidly modernising and becoming well-positioned for the challenges of the new century.

I believe that the objectives of the trip, to learn more about "China and Chinese culture", were more than fulfilled. The fact that delegates were comprised of students from all over the world meant that we were able to learn not only more about China, but also more about countries as diverse as the United States, Canada, Britain and Austria. As well, the journey provided us with the unique opportunity of forming lasting friendships with people all over the world, these friendships being cemented over our shared experiences during the 14 days.

Overall, I believe that through the 3rd CSP I have been given a clearer picture of who I am as a Chinese and where I have come from. I have memories of the journey that will last a lifetime, and upon concluding it I can say that I am truly proud to be a Chinese, and honoured to be an "ambassador" for my homeland.

Lai Van Minh

I came to Hong Kong without knowing a lot about how the whole CSP is going to be. The only thing I knew before is what I heard from a friend of mine who attended CSP2. She told me about how great it was to have had the chance to meet overseas students from all over the world. She told me about how much fun they had together during the whole trip and finally she also told me how sad she was when the trip was over and everybody had to go back to their residence country again. When my friend talks about other CSP2 delegates, she never said my "CSP-friends", but she always uses the expressions my "CSP-sisters", or my "CSP-brothers", so when I came here I didn't know a lot about all activities, but I expected to find some really good friends, friends from all over the world.

Now that the trip is almost over, I can confirm my friend's experience: I've found a lot of very good friends and I think that's one of the most wonderful things CSP3 could give me.

Fong, Thomas

The purpose of the 3rd China Synergy Programme was to allow outstanding youths from around the world to learn more about China and Chinese culture. On achieving this purpose, 180 outstanding youths were given the opportunity to gain deeper insight into Chinese culture by travelling in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai.Personally, I enjoyed the 15 days programme because it exposed me to many aspects of China such as its history and culture, economic development, and scenic attractions.

In Hong Kong, the visiting of various areas of the city allowed us to Be a Hong Kong Citizen and learn by interacting with the local people.

In Guangzhou, the tour of the Ancestral Temple of the Chan family provided us with an example of honouring your heritage and the importance of tracing your Chinese roots.

In Beijing, as well as learning about the historical significance of the Great Wall and Forbidden City, CSP delegates witnessed and experienced the excitement when Beijing was announced as the city for the 2008 Olympics. That victory not only represented the chance for Beijing to host the 2008 Olympics, but represented the dedication, commitment, and hard work of all Chinese people.

In Shanghai, the visiting at the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall and the Pudung area revealed rapid economic development that is currently taking place. Overall, the 3rd China Synergy Programme has been an informational and educational experience, which has been highlighted by events such as meeting with government officials, visiting famous universities, and lectures from famous professors.

It is evident that many Chinese people have settled in many parts around the world; however, the 3rd China Synergy Programme has created the opportunity for outstanding youths to come back to their home land to learn and rediscover China and its culture. Thank you to all CSP organizers, sponsor, mentors, coordinators, staff and delegates for making the 3rd CSP an unforgettable experience that I will treasure forever.

Foo, Eliza
Foo, Eliza

I believe that the interaction with the local students from the essence of this trip is by communicating with them, and I learn more about the lifestyle and culture in China. Only by listening to them and I understang the meaning of being a Chinese - the descendants of the Dragon, and for that, I am utterly thankful for the opportumity which I believe has influenced my life when I look at things in one way or another, and this was the occasion which I will treasure and remember forever.

Chiu, Monica
Chiu, Monica

The CSP trip was one of the most eye-opening events of my life. I was able to meet many people who had given a realistic perspective of China as well as from the Chinese university students.

My most memorable experience came from talking to all the CSP delegates from around the world and with those of China. Despite our legal and economic system in which we live in, be it western or Chinese, we all share the same ideals to succeed and live a happy life. Although we may be very different culturally, we were drawn together by the influence and pervasiveness of Chinese values that existed and lived within us.

Before the trip, I had thought, "Am I Australian Chinese, or Chinese Australian ?" After meeting the CSP delegates, I realised that the difficulty of moving out of our Cultural Comfort Zone" was a challenge which we all face, and it was not something that I only had been feeling.

I thank all CSP delegates for such a wonderful experience which has truly changed my life !

Cheung, Onpan
Cheung, Onpan

I took a few Chinese history classes while studying in Hong Kong years ago. The history behind the unification of China, and such names as 'Qin Shi Huang' certainly sound familiar. However, I always felt any capacity to appreciate the long history of China a rock bottom.

After living in the states for a good part of my life and regretfully, with little understanding of the part and present of China and Hong Kong, my identity of being Chinese was long forgotten with time.

This year's CSP program, however, helped rediscovering the missing cultural elements in my life.

Seeing the magnificent construction of the Great Wall, and the mysterious Terro Cotta revitalized my spirit. Being able to land my feet once again on the soil of my motherland is certainly uplifting.

I wish to express my deepest gratitude to the organizing committees for their effort and commitment to strife for a successful mission far this year's program.

Hui, Justina
Hui, Justina

The friendship made during the CSP trip has been so strong, because no matter how different we are, we are still connected by our Chinese heritage. I opt the opportunity to make wonderful friends from Australia, Canada, London, and even my home country in the United States. Everyone has welcomed me to come and visit them after having known each other for merely 17 days.

Chuang, Gary
Chuang, Gary

Not only did we look at China from an historical perspective, but we also had the opportunities to learn more about the future potentials, and the possibility of China to become one of the world's leading nations.

Starting with visiting the General Electric Plant in Nansha, Guanzhou to Baoshan Iron and Steel Mill, these visitations convinced me that China still has a lot of potential for economic and technological growth.

Local students at Xian Jiatung University, Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Hadung University, impressed me as very open to new ideas, also being widely social, and knowledgeable.

These young people will undoubtedly be the main force in the future development of Chinese culture and technology. The program leaves me very optimistic about the future of China.

Su, Luke
Su, Luke

Two weeks really isn't enough to teach me everything about China, to show me everything I needed to know and to see a lot of China. It is supposed to remind me about the China I have lost and increase my desire to increase contact. I am amazed by this China, the students, the food, the culture, the economy, the development and those nice pubs.

Another thing I did not expect from this programme was the friendships I made, we formed such a bond that as our group parted there were hugs and tears everywhere.

Chen, Jennie
Chen, Jennie

It was such a wonderful treat to meet with our peers in Beijing because it gave us that added dimension to our stay. Talking with them, understanding their perspectives, their attitudes, and so forth, enriched our experience so much more. I began to break the stereotypes and the barriers that once existed between myself and people of the Mainland.

Lau, Michael
Lau, Michael

I feel that this cultural exchange component is the most important part of the programme - being able to communicate with local students and experience China in the shoes of a local resident. Listening to local students expressing their views on issues such as communism, economic liberalization, pop culture etc. have been eye-opening for me.